SmallBizDev Hackathons

Build for small business. The SmallBizDev Hackathons bring together designers, developers, entrepreneurs, and innovators to create apps for mobile platforms that solve the toughest challenges facing small business owners.

What is it?

American small businesses face a wide range of financial challenges that affect their bottom lines. Today, there is an opportunity to develop scalable solutions that address these obstacles through mobile technology. The SmallBizDev Hackathons are a chance for you to develop mobile solutions that boost the financial success of small business owners.  Come hack with us for a chance to work with other passionate individuals, get access to expert advice and technical resources, and compete for a $20,000 prize purse.

How will your app stack up?

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    Did you know …

    • If just 1 in 3 microbusinesses hired 1 additional employee, the US would be at full employment (American Enterprise Opportunity)?
    • 39% of small businesses surveyed by Capital One wished they had a greater ability to strategically plan their operations instead of living day-to-day?
    • 55% of online respondents to a CFED survey of microbusiness owners could cover just one month or less of business expenses with their current savings?
    • 49% of small businesses decision makers surveyed by Capital One manage their business’ money themselves using computer software when they find time?

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