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What’s holding small businesses back? Can mobile apps address the biggest challenges facing small business owners? Find the answers to these questions and get ready for the Hackathon with these resources.

Survey of Technology Use by Small Business Owners Capital One

Find out what keeps small business owners up at night. In this recent survey, 300 decision-makers and influencers at small businesses across the country identified what obstacles they faced, how they used mobile technology, and where new mobile apps would be most helpful.

In Search of Solid Ground: Understanding the Financial Vulnerability of Microbusiness Owners CFED

This study identifies potential opportunities for mobile solutions by revealing gaps between the financial products and services microbusinesses use today and the financial challenges they face.

AT&T Small Business Technology Poll 2013 AT&T

See what small businesses value in mobile technology. This survey offers an overview of how small businesses use mobile technology and their attitudes towards mobile apps.

The Power of One in Three: Creating Opportunities for All Americans to Bounce Back Association for Enterprise Opportunity

What’s getting in the way of growth? This report shows how availability of and access to the right financial products impact small business owners–and the greater economy. Read to learn more about this challenge and possible opportunities for innovation.

The 2013 ath Power Mobile Banking Study ath Power

Find out what small businesses want out of mobile apps. This study offers details on small business owners’ existing mobile capabilities and identifies the most in-demand mobile services.

Small Changes, Real Impact: Applying Behavioral Economics in Asset-Building Programs CFED

Get more examples of financial challenges facing small businesses and the organizations trying to serve them–like problems with on-time payments and low account usage. The report offers an interesting look at not only the challenges but the fixes used by past innovators.

FinCapDev 101 Webinar

For many small business owners, their personal and business finances are inextricably linked. To learn a little more about the personal financial challenges facing millions of consumers, take a look at this webinar. It offers info on the $89 billion market of financially underserved consumers.

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