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Takuto zonk outBNIJ is a drama about choices of life. Everyone in this drama chooses their own path to live; Like Takuto who chooses to coping with ALS, and in the end to live with it as well by agreeing to use a respirator, even though it means he lost his ability to talk. Megu chooses her path to be with Takuto and taking care of him for the rest of his life, even though it means she has to throw away the good comfortable life she might had if she stayed together with Shigeyuki. Rikuto chooses to go to college with the major of what he likes, instead of following his father’s path to be a doctor, and so on. Other than choosing, this drama is also about living life positively in the present and finding goals to accomplish everyday. Those things are easier said than done, so that’s why it takes process. That’s what happens to Takuto. Before finding out about the illness, he’s living his life aimlessly day by day; always pretend to smile and accept everything that was thrown at him; he never truly understands what’s real love and warmness that other people can give to each other. But when he has the illness, he learns to cope with the hardships, to express his honest thought, and to accept pure love and support that was given by everyone around him. It may be hard to deal with this kind of condition, but Takuto’s positive attitude and how it impacts others are what this drama is all about.smileAside from the optimism towards life topic, the other main arc of this drama is also the love story; either it’s the love triangle between Takuto-Megumi-Shigeyuki or the side story between Mamoru and Hina. I must say that I quite like Mamoru and Hina romance, for its so simple, fluff, and brings a fresh breeze after watching heavy conflicted one from Takuto and Megu’s side. Not to mention, only Mamoru and Hina get the complete happy ending.

Mamo-chan and Hina-chan
While Takuto and Megu..hmmm…how do I say it…it’s complicated and a bit boring. The dynamic of their relationship throughout the drama is like: happy and lovey dovey at the beginning, then Takuto goes into noble idiot mode and breaking up with Megu, then Megu bouncing to Shigeyuki, and then Megu found out about Takuto’s illness, then the rekindling spark process between them goes draaaaagggyyy and sloooow like snail, especially around sixth to eighth episode, and finally Megu braves herself up to break up with Shigeyuki, and voila! She and Takuto are together for good.takumiI’m not gonna say that their love story is cute, sweet, or even tragic. It’s just an ordinary, really, REALLY ordinary love story, added with a little twist called ALS. So basically, it’s just an A-okay.

cherish this kiss, viewers-tachi, for it’s only happening once…
cherish this kisu scene, viewers-tachi, for it’s only happening once…
Aside from that, this drama also touches to the family side. And, boy, all impression that I get from Takuto’s family throughout this drama is that they’re so affection-less and a pain in the a**, especially Mom and Takuto’s lil ototo, Rikuto on the early episodes (around 01-05). Dude, I shall give you golden brownie badge if you can watch the first five episodes and you don’t want to bash your head on the table due to crazy angst after that. Both Mom and Rikuto are sooooo obnoxious!! Big time!!!!! All they do is degrading Takuto and acting ignorant at his existence over, and over, and over again.


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