Best Online Master Gardener Programs

Portrait of a senior woman planting

Master gardener programs train members of the community to nurture plants and offer advice to other budding gardeners on how to build a thriving garden. Certification requirements are often specific to your county, with a designated university program spearheading the education for aspiring master gardeners in each state. To achieve master gardener status, you must pass a specific set of evaluations and complete a specific number of volunteer hours. Often, you must complete ongoing education and recertification classes each year.

While you’ll need to contact your county extension office for master gardener certification instructions specific to your area, curious green thumbs worldwide can enroll in online classes to reap the benefits of the coursework—even if they can’t earn an official title at the end. From official university programs to more casual online classes, here are some of the best online master gardener programs—and a few more basic options for those who aren’t quite ready to commit to something more serious.


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