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Chronic back pain

Chronic back pain  is a recurring condition that affects a person’s everyday life. Common conditions are herniated disc and spinal stenosis caused by deterioration due to aging. If the pain does not go away with conservative treatment, endoscopic discectomy, a kind of minimally invasive spine surgery, might be recommended.

What is endoscopic discectomy?

Endoscopic discectomy/foraminotomy is done by making a small incision and using a tiny camera (an endoscope) to remove part of a herniated disc that is pressing on spinal nerves and causing pain. The size of an endoscope is only 0.8 centimeter. Bipolar and radiofrequency can be used to control bleeding. The surgeon can see the real-time image through the monitors. The surgeons have to be trained and must be experts in the field in order to perform endoscopic surgery.

Reduced rate of complications

Endoscopic discectomy reduces the rate of complications compared to the conventional surgery.

  • Reduced infection rate (1-2%)
  • Reduced dural tear (1-2%)
  • Reduced rate of recurrent disc herniation (5%)
  • Only small chances that surgeon have to change to conventional procedure

Candidates for endoscopic discectomy

  • Patients with herniated disc
  • Patients with spinal stenosis caused by degenerative changes of spine, joint segment, and spinal disc

Post-operative care

  • 1 night hospital stay
  • You can immediately walk after the surgery
  • You can go back to work and exercise by the 2nd week after the surgery

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