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Hi Lo Table Layout

High Low Card Game Rules – Learn to Play Like a Pro
We will now explain the basic rules for playing a classic high low game that you’ll find at the many online casinos, such as these PA gambling sites for our US readers. The player will place a bet on the table and the dealer will deal a card face up. The player must decide whether the next card to be dealt will be higher or lower in value to the face-up card. If you guess correctly, you win the displayed payout. If you lose, your wager is lost. The next game round then commences. Here is a step-by-step guide to playing hi-lo:

Place your bet on the table
A card is dealt
Choose whether the next card will be higher or lower
The next card is dealt
If you guessed incorrectly, your stake is lost, and the game round ends
You must place another bet to play again
If you guessed correctly, you win a payout
The result card for the round becomes the base card for the next round
Play again or collect your balance
The game does not have stable payouts and as such, there is no preset paytable for hi-lo. The payouts vary depending on the base card. The greater the likelihood that the next card will be higher or lower, the smaller the payout odds will be. You will learn more about the payouts and odds in the next paragraphs. We should also point out that these are the very basic game rules. Some online hi-lo game variants feature enhanced betting options and payouts, but they still follow the same general principles.


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