I enjoyed this drama, and so I really wanted to post a review.

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I enjoyed this drama,

Regarding the Main Guy, I don’t have much to say: he’s the one who taught the inmates to make bread while in jail. He’s also part of a nasty love-triangle between Moon Soo In and her sister-in-law, and some more in the drama (= hidden truths), but I won’t spoil you too much here. Actually, upon reflection, this drama is mainly focused on the four women, more than any guys around. I appreciated the fact that they show them strong and resourceful, instead of the more traditional roles we see usually.

In conclusion, would I recommend you this drama? Hum, yes  It is a very solid title, with great acting, and a nice story. It reminded me sometimes of the drama A Hundred Years of Inheritance, but it is still 10 episodes shorter, aha! If you have watched it, just let me know how you liked it in the comments, ok?

original title: 전설의 마녀 (hangul)
title: The Legendary Witch (literal)
release date: October 25, 2014 – February 22, 2015
air time: Sat, Sun 21:45, on MBC

Female lead: Han Ji Hye
Male lead: Ha Seok Jin


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