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How to create a Space Plan

The Bubble Plan

The way that I like to start a space plan is by roughly drawing out a map of the space and creating a bubble plan.  A bubble plan is a simple diagram that will show you what activities take place in the space and the relationship between these activities.

For example, in an open plan living area, you might have 3 or more bubbles, 1 showing the kitchen, the other showing the dining area and another showing the living area. Using bubbles will help you to define these spaces.  When you are clear about where the activities are going to happen in the space then you can move on to creating a scale plan.

A detailed Scale Plan

first-designTry to get as large a piece of paper as possible to make it easy.  I suggest getting a large A1/A2 piece of card and some pencils to do this with.  You can then erase any mistakes you might make. Draw your space to scale on the piece of paper. Include window, door, built in cupboards/shelves, fireplace and lighting placements. You want to be able to see all the fixtures and features on the plan.
Make a list of everything you would like to have in the space and create scaled paper cutouts for each piece. You can then start placing these scaled pieces of furniture onto your space plan.  This will start to bring your space to life and show you how you will be able to use the room.
Spend some time moving pieces around, this will help you to think differently about the space. Come up with a plan, and then swop all the pieces around, see what this does to the flow of the room. Keep moving the pieces around until you ‘know’ which is right for the space.
If you are comfortable using a computer then have a look at my post, 5 Top Free Online Interior Design Planning Tools, where I show you 5 free to use online tools that will help you plan your space.



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