The friend’s entry is a welcome addition to floor plans.

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In those prewar designs, floor plans  a home’s back or side doors served an important function: They often became the informal way to enter the home. Although a little too familiar for first-time visitors, this was the door that neighbors and close friends used, and it came to be known as the friend’s entry.

But in post-war designs, the garage became attached to the house. This, in turn, eliminated the side doors, and even back doors, as entryways. The back door became the access to the more private rear patio or porch–not easily available since the garage was now blocking rear yard access. What has often happened as a result is that the informal entrance becomes a path through the garage – past lawn mowers, trash cans, and storage boxes. Yuck.

We’ve suggested bringing back the friend’s entry in several new designs by adding a link space between the garage and the house. This can work in different ways based on garage locations, but for the most common front-loaded garage location simply insert a connector room between the garage and the house and insert a door in front. This becomes a closer door than the more formal “front door” and is perfect for a friend’s entry.


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