Upcoming Drama ‘Handmade Love’ Stars Lee Soo Hyuk as a Couturier Man

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Handmade Love Lee Soo Hyuk

The tailored man will be Lee Soo Hyuk ’s character, the head of the tailor shop “Handmade Love.” A Woven is a vampire-like creature with a cold impression and a strong personality. His appearance will be mysterious. He was also thrown out from heaven due to stealing clothes and went down to earth for a mission – to heal the hearts and give warmth to the people with clothes made by him with love.
With his strong features and breathtaking charisma, the 32-year-old actor will be playing a role that will make his physical features be more noticeable, from the fashionable suits that have yet to be unveiled in the drama.

“Handmade Love” is set to premiere on Dec. 11 and can be watched every Tuesday and Friday through “Put Your Handsome” YouTube channel.


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