What Is the M-Plan Diet?

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The 'Mushroom Diet' a.k.a The M-Plan

If you like mushrooms and are looking to lose weight, you may be wondering if the M-Plan diet is right for you. Followers of the M-Plan, also known as the mushroom diet, replace one meal each day with a mushroom-based meal for 14 days. Reports indicate that celebrities like Katy Perry and Kelly Osbourne have had success on the M-Plan diet

Proponents of the M-Plan claim the diet can reduce fat in the thighs, hips, and waist—without losing bust size. However, it is not possible to spot-reduce fat in some areas of the body and not others. The M-Plan is simply a fad diet that is not backed by any scientific evidence to support its weight-loss claims.

Often, weight loss programs that are developed by registered dietitians or credentialed diet professionals with strong nutritional backgrounds are likely to be effective. But no one knows who came up with the mushroom diet.

There is no website or company that takes credit for the eating plan. Much like the 3-Day Military Diet, the M-Plan diet seems to be an internet phenomenon more than a legitimate weight loss program.

Mushroom Diet

General nutrition: Provided that the non-mushroom meals are nutritionally balanced (which could be a big “if”), this diet should provide all the necessary nutrients.
Practicality: Mushrooms are easy to shop for and cook, and there is no calorie or carb counting. So it should be pretty simple to follow this diet.
Effectiveness: This eating plan could be effective for weight loss, depending on the overall diet. However, it can’t promise to keep weight on in certain areas of the body while keeping it off in others.
Sustainability: This diet is only meant to last 14 days, but given the flexibility and variety of foods it allows, it could be used for longer than that.

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